Educational Resources

On-line (remote) courses

We offer the following on-line training courses which if required can be customised to the client’s application:

  • Statistical method validation and estimation of measurement uncertainty for test laboratories.
  • Estimation of measurement uncertainty for test laboratories.
  • Basic statistical methods for laboratory analysts.
  • Sampling and sample preparation in mining and industrial settings.
  • Fire assay methods for gold and precious metals.
  • Inductively Coupled Plasma spectrometry.
  • X-ray Fluorescence spectrometry.
  • Atomic absorption spectrometry.
  • Calibration best practices for spectrometric methods.
  • ISO 17025:2017.
  • Conducting internal ISO 17025:2017 audits.
  • Customised courses are also available.

Note: courses are only provided to groups of more than six persons. Unfortunately, courses are not offered on an individual basis.